Wanted items cheap or free

I’ll prolly just get a couple from BN when I make an order in a few weeks

Got the new Newbee 4GS gear drives, turns out they are not compatible with boardnamics motors because of the ridge at the bottom of the motor shaft.

Looking for motors that do not have that ridge, preferably Flipskys 6384 or something similar and needs to be round 8mm shaft.

Boardnamic motors are flipsky btw

I know, but they have different shafts.

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who’s california? and are they cute at least?
or is california in you at this point?

Actually neither. I am currently not in California

You can use spacers. I had the same issue and @Ac53n helped me out by laser cutting some.


Looks like his user page is still up, just not the store.

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Shop is still up though?

I know it was briefly offline for a bit because the shop was on vacation mode or whatever ebay’s equivalent to that is called. If you had links to the listings you could still see them, but you couldn’t view the shop page

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I need to get a set that has a key way but also I need to get a set that has an 8mm d axle. Anybody know where to get those?

Could I ask what battery enclosure that is?

That was…custom (never had an enclosure)

ahhh, ok. Do you have a build guide, it looks very interesting.

No, and I don’t recommend copying it, I had an issue where cells fell out

ahhh ok ok