Wanted - dave ga complete

Hi all,

As title suggests, if you have one for sale used or new would love to buy it.


I got a pair and haven’t even used the one yet (have metr hooked up and haven’t taken the time to work out how to make everything talk), but in Chicago so imagine shipping there would make it not worthwhile. Curious if the PCB designs were released you can probably just order parts and a handful of the PCBs direct for cheaper. The DaveGA board is basically an atmel ATMega328PU chip a 16MHz clock and small handful of small through hole components (all easy to solder by hand). Not to diminish from work put into it but it’s a pretty simple thing to assemble too (maybe can separately pitch the original creator a few dollars separately as a small kickback, but know it was a passion project not a money maker so they’re probably open to share designs).

Will PM you mate

Why not the flipsky version? I think they profit share with @janpom

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Or you can just use Arduino Nano: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/davega-battery-monitor-odometer-speedometer/71509/209?u=janpom

It has been done by a few people.

Or, you can wait for the new better DAVEga. It should be available around the end of August. I’ll start sending samples to testers soon.


This is exactly what I did while I waited for my Davega. Super simple.

Thanks for chiming in everyone I ended up blowing one of mine up (stupid mistake powered up bench power supply connected before dropping the voltage and released all the magic smoke). Some good alternatives here also pointed OP in DM to mmaners enclosure maybe can check the 3d printer thread for locals who can do it to save on shipping.

I would love to be a tester mate!

Dude… Send me one!


No worries. You have a VIP place on my list of potential testers. :slight_smile:


Any teases?

Maybe next week. :slight_smile:


Count me in as a tester too please. I just broke my 3d printed case of the V1 on my EMTB and neeeeeed the metal case.

Ps You are awesome. Keep up the great work!

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I need this, are you gonna do the splash screen thing?

I never though that the splash screen would be the main selling point. :laughing: It can definitely be done. I’ll have to think about a good way of making it configurable.


Here’s some pics. It’s still WIP. Things will likely change a little bit. The main idea is that while you’re riding the screen with fewer bigger numbers is displayed. When you stop, you get a screen with more details. You can then toggle between multiple screens - overview, session, lifetime. I picked the info that I personally find the most useful. I’m open to suggestions though. There will also be some customization options.


That looks really good, I like the stop vs. moving function too. With the settings your showing, does that mean you can config from the device, as in no more USB config?

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Yes. You shouldn’t need to connect it to your computer ever. Not even for FW updates. Those are done over WiFi.

It still comes with a USB port, just in case. :slight_smile:


This all sound like awesome tech. If you need a Canadian tester hit me up :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just gonna put this out there…

Ill just give you my paypal username and password if you’ll ship me one yesterday :slight_smile:.