Want To Sell Or Trade FESC 6.6 Plus

Item 1 FESC 6.6 Plus
Description: I don’t know much about it spec wise sure you can look it up. It came with a used trampa I bought. Dont think it was used much. It works fine. Iv torn the board apart to rebuild it and I have no use for it anymore. comes with switch. Im located In the USA
Price (USD): 200$ buyer covers shipping cost Or im open for trades for EMTB stuff : )



FWIW, this is the “Plus” version. Good bit smaller than the original FSECS 6.6 dual.


thanks : ) edited

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Trade for a Unity? This has a slightly better form factor for what I’m working on (I think, will need some dimensions to be sure)

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I dont need another ESC unfortunately. Im looking more for Trucks, Gears, hubs stuff like that.

Bump price drop to 200$

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I got one for trade still looking for one?

I might be, you have the one with the built in antispark right? If so I can check if it’s gonna fit on Friday

Nope it comes with a separate antispark not built in

Ah, I need the built in one, I don’t have the space for an inline antispark

Ah damn

Hey I have Trampa gear mbs gears plastic metal 72. Tooth I have plastic 3 d printed gears cheap. 68! Tooth I think. And a diff set of gears also plastic that are like universal i think kinda weird

Surf rods truck s. Trampa mini spring trucks