Vx1 not giving full range of throttle/brake

Hey guys, this will be my first post here, wanted to do a nice long introduction and build log but that will have to come later!

So yesterday I recieved my new Flipsky Vx1, was super excited plugged everything in and took her for a spin. It works fine except im not getting full throttle/braking range which kinda sucks.
I have a Turningy Evolution(!) which i used before and when i compare the feeling it feels 20-30% faster and has 20-30% better braking as compared to the vx1.
Im currently running 5s (had a 6s lipo but one cell died and i removed it) on a 120A R/C esc (racerstar) and a 380kv motor.
Im waiting on a new battery (6s 8000mah) and a FSESC which might solve the issue but any suggestions as to why this might be? Anyway to do a throttle calibration or update the FW in the vx1 remote?

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Run the app/input wizard on vesc tool any time you change remotes.


Not sure how good that works with an RC esc :sweat_smile:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: i see.

Never mind me :rofl:


I am currently running a R/C esc (Skatan don’t strike me pleeeeaase!) since i didnt do my homework, hoping that when my FSESC arrives i can run the wizard and everything will be aswsome again, but for now this is what i’m working with :frowning:
Thxz for quick response anyway :slight_smile:

I guess you would need to look up if there is some information for your esc available how the input signal is handled. Might be that you need to calibrate the input values somehow.

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You didn’t do your homework twice


I did have a look at their product page, no instructions for input signal calibration however i did notice the BEC output was 6.1v as opposed to normal 5v, do you think that could be an issue?

I know but imma po po boy and the only thing i can afford was a used FSESC :sleepy: :skull_and_crossbones:

Nonsense, Torqeboards has VESC 4.12 right now for $39.99


Some rc esc’s have a throttle calibration mode. This Manual is for a hobby wing esc, but shows how to calibrate it. Isn’t there anything in your manual at all about calibration? Also did you use 5s with the last remote as well or just 6s? GL

Pic from the manual I posted for example only.


I dont have the original manual and I can’t find it online :frowning: I tested both remotes with the 5s battery, test rode first with one and then the other and the difference was really obvious maybe 10 kmh difference of top speed and brakes were pretty much non existent with the vx1 :sleepy:

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Its a great deal but shipping here is 60$ which brings it to 99$, the used fsesc is 35E :unamused:

By the time you buy both FSESC and then are shopping for another ESC, you’ve already spent most of the $99

Emailed Racerstar aswell to see if they could send the manual :metal:

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Here is with the vx1

And the evolution

Sorry bout the quality but its the best i could do :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank god you’re pretty.


Looks like your in the lowest mode on the remote…

No the top led is the indicator for the speed mode
Green: low
Yellow: medium
Red: High

Oh how i wish THAT was the problem :smiley:

what’s the button next to the power do?