Vesc tool settings for Flipsky dual esc

Just wanted to make sure i’m doing this right. I programmed each side of the vesc and halved the total output/regen for each side. I have a 40A battery pack and i set use side at 19A and battery regen at -6A.


If your battery can handle charging @ 12A it is totally fine

You might need to increase your batt min. Mine is currently set to -14 each

It’s completely dependant on your batteries charge rate, I wouldn’t go around telling people to bump their min battery settings.

This is partially true. While yes, the charge rate has an effect on the decision you make, I ran like this on a 2P and 3P 30q setup without issues.
Trampa frank has been involved in this discussion before and guided me to these settings. At normal settings of -6, I had terrible high speed brakes. Honestly anything under -10 is bad IMO.
The batt won’t see -14 amps the whole time I’m braking, if at all. These are short bursts, through a range of regen. I’m mindful to not drag the brake for long downhills, but that’s not a scenario I deal with.
The protecting cell longevity isn’t worth the compromise of not having brakes. Forget the max charge calculations and set them to something reasonable so you don’t die.

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I’ve found that it’s moreso the braking curve being very non-linear is moreso to blame for bad brakes than Regen settings. I agree i would rather have brakes than a longer cycle life but some cells, especially lithium ion, really do not like speedy charging like you would at -10a per side on a 6-8s 2-3p. YMMV but I’ve found changing negative ramping time and the braking curve to be more effective than just upping settings for good brakes. Sensors also help when braking at low speed so you the VESC doesn’t desync with motor position because that really fucks you.

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So my battery pack is 10s4p Sanyo GA cells. Total output is 40A and charging is about 13A max. Assuming it’s 3A charging per cell…and 10A output.

So you suggest that I should up the braking to -10A? I did have one instance that I didn’t have enough brakes, but most of the time it’s fine.

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Generally 1.5x the charging current is safe for breaking since it occurs relatively quickly so actually yeah knowing your pack and those Sanyo cells are pretty good so -9 or -10 per side is very feasible. But also experiment with positive and negative ramping times (lower times for a more responsive feel but you have to feather the remote throttle/thumbwheel/joystick) so when you really need those brakes you get those brakes.

Gotcha. Thanks.

I actually just upped the braking to -12 per side. I already have the fear of braking hard going downhill…and I’d rather have better brakes. -12 should be fine no?

Yeah I run at -12 each on my brakes and I cruise around 50kmh, never had a braking problem. I’m pretty light though.

What battery are you running tho?

LiPos, I’m never restricted by my battery.

Just don’t constantly hold the brakes down a hill for extended periods