Vesc tool not registering faults, maybe?

I’ve been been getting soft cutouts at around 25-30mph. Thankfully, because I set my Fault Stop time to 100ms, it doesn’t throw me off. However, I get no info about a fault reported on my Davega, Minnie or even Vesc tool when I plugged in immediately after the ride… Is it possible that Fault stop time of 100ms is so short that not even the Vesc tool reports the fault?

I’ve had faults show up when running 50ms.
Iirc, they were OC faults from a shorting motor


Should still show up. Is it not repeatable on the bench I’m guessing? I have had it where metr doesn’t record a fault but it does show up in VESC tool. Have you tried using VESC mobile tool to see if there are faults?

Or are you perhaps hitting some sort of limit rather than fault?

One of my boards was having issues with bad detections, cutting out and throwing me under load. No faults were being reported.

It’s possible you’re experiencing things that aren’t faults?

flaky temp sensor readings jumping in and out of the motor temp throttling zone but not past the max can feel weird like short cutouts. but usually they flutter as it will do it a lot in succession.


lucky, i got thrown off with 85

What remote are you using?

I’d be inclined to think it’s a remote/receiver issue if you’re not getting any faults


This is why I think all loggers should measure and record PWM input FFS

@DerelictRobot @janpom


It’s a puck… No mods of any kind.

I thought it might be a limit, but I wasn’t near any voltage, erpm or temp limits that I could tell.

could u swap esc and try or is that a pita

Here’s my Minnie log from the ride… It happened to me twice between 10:04 - 10:14 right at the “end” of my ride… I put it in quotes because I never turned the board off, but the Minnie ended the log there and started a new one immediately afterwards.

That almost sounds like it restarted at which case it won’t log faults.

Esc and firmware?

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D75 on the Makerx 5.3 fw… I think I might to update it to 6.2 tonight…

I actually had the same issue. D75, fw5.3, puck, etc. Turned out to be a bad esc. How? No clue. Replaced pretty much everything there, and it was still giving me phantom cutouts. Completely random. Swapped esc, problem gone. I didnt try changing firmware version though.

Was it one of the first run 140A D75s?

Nerp, was a later one. My batch 1 has no issues besides overcurrent running 140A

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Are you still on 5.3 or have you updated?

I’m on 6.0 for that one

The metr does actually, you can see it in logs, just have to turn it on. Pretty neat

E.g. May 15, 2024 - | 4Hjm8