vesc tool help w/ Boardnamics AT drive

hey guys, trying to set up my spintend w/ boardnamics AT drive & 6384s – what should I input for the teeth/pully settings? first time ever doing this, sorry if I’m missing something obvious

Count the teeth on both your wheel pulley and motor pinion. Then input them into the corresponding fields… although Kevin usually states what you have purchased in your receipt.

Look at whatever gear ratio you picked and then do the following:

For Motor Pulley put “1”

For Wheel Pulley put “gear ratio”

On my personal setup, I have the 5.2, so I put 1 in the motor pulley and 5.2 on the gear pulley. Pretty simple

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i’m a stickler for exact ratios, so if you have the 3.95 ratio, it’s 21:83

(iirc the wheel count is the same, just the motor pulley changes)

so 5.2 would be i thiiiink 16:83

i dunno the other ratio (if it’s 4.6, then it’ll be 18:83)

Kev made the wheel pilley have a prime number of teeth as to make sure the teeth get even wear throughout no mayter the motor pulley tooth count, or something like that


You are correct, per an email from Kevin:
83/16 = 5.2
83/18 = 4.6
83/21 = 3.95



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For future reference if anyone needs the gearing for 2.78:1 it’s 50T/18T (25/9)

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