Vesc Tool Error

Hey guys i just got a new vesc in today from trampa and after plugging everythgin in and running throug hthe vesc tool im getting greeted with this error.

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@Trampa <— if you havn’t started a mail convo with them, poke them here. They’re usually very helpful.

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Please try and put the correct FW onto the device. We accidentially shipped 30 Units with the old VESC 6 FW.

hmmm so i cant just update the firmare on it as normal?

Damn bro you are having some shit luck! Hope you get it sorted!

You download the FW, select it and update. This is a one time process.

you dont say, i cant get a dam break with this build haha

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@Trampa ah i was reading that post. is it only the switch function that is effected?

i was told im able to use one of the newer versions of the Vesc6 with the previous model so this might work in my favor to not update it?