VESC Toll app showing 100% all the time?!

Yep, Mobile vesc tool app for Android is showing 100% battery all the time. See the screenshot, the actual battery % should be 79%. Anyone experience this?! battery is 42v 10s6p pack.

Check if your battery s-count setting is correct


Yes it’s correct.

on both VESCs?

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Yeah it’s a Flipsky 6.6, set up with the desktop vesc tool program. Never had this issue on previous setup. It could be a faulty nrf51 dongle? That’s what I’m using for telemetry.

But yes series is correct on both vescs as far as I can see unless I am missing something?

see on the bottom of your screen shot

“limited mode”

I don’t know what that means… but I’ve never seen that on any of my boards

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Limited mode usually is when your Vesc firmware is older than the vesc tool FW.

Vesc fw 3.55
vesc tool 2.06 = limited mode


That’s correct, I have tried everything with downgrading firmware and upgrading firmware yadayada… I still reckon it a faulty nrf dongle. No big deal just it’s handy to know my battery status and range etc.

that is literally the only thing I use the app for… well that and log files…


Ok definitely something funny going on here, went for a spin this evening with 70% battery. Battery drained to 0% in less than 5km. That’s complete shite. I should be getting something like 20km on that rating.

Possible bad P group? Although I have a sneaky suspicion of a bad motor or sense wire as one is turning slower that the other…thoughts anyone?