VESC Repair in Europe

stupid me fried a fsesc 4.20 Dual. only one side is working. (no leds blinking at all) someone in europe ?

Is it obvious what’s gone if it is I can help

@seaborder can do repairs in EU but the FSESC 4.20 Dual has a very low threshold before it’s not economical to repair any longer. The purchase price is very low, the quality low, and the effort required for repairs high.



its actually an Dual FSESC 4.20 PLUS.
accidentally short the black cable of the pro powerswtich with the plus pol of the battery yikes
seems like the HM10 bluetooth module that was connected to the broken side is also toast now.
lesson learned… no more temporarly solder job with blank cables all ober the place haha

I have a FOCbox for sale at the moment. Might be a nice oppertunity to get an upgrade :wink:


dual unity? haha

Lol, i type so slow your post about it beeing a dual vesc wasn’t there jet when i started :slight_smile:

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Hopefully it just needs a new DRV. I can help you replace that. I’m located in Sweden.

If you want, send a pm and we can do some additional fault tracing :slight_smile:


if you like send some pictures I will take a look :slight_smile:
doing repairs for most of the guys here