Hello world,
I have a question, recently just completed my DIY build, unfortunately though my battery packs built in power switch doesn’t work anymore, permanently on. This means I have to add a switch between it and the VESC since the VESC itself does not have a switch(FS 6.6 Dual). I have ordered a switch, but for the time being, is it fine to leave everything connected and have the VESC on 24/7?

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Make sure your battery doesn’t drain down below it’s minimum voltage, and make sure to always store your board with the wheels off the ground so that an accidental throttle signal wont send it flying or tear up your floors. Other than that, it’s not advisable but probably fine.


Yes and no? Its not the best practice, but its not gonna brick the thing in the short term. Dont let the pack get too empty, maybe set your voltage cutoff a bit higher for some head room.

disclaimer i have basically no idea what im talking about.


My first few builds had no antispark or loopkey, board stayed on for like 6 months, no problems


Voltage cutoff aint gonna matter, that VESC cant turn off it’s parasitic drain. Low voltage cutoff is only for power to the wheels.


True dat, dont go near the bottom than. Lol.

OP could possibly use a loop key to avoid that?

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One of my first builds had a Shitsky with built-in antispark which blew out, on, and so my board just lived it’s life on 24/7 until it got rebuilt. I think nearly a year?

It’s fiiiiiine


bad role models @DerelictRobot @Skyart


I’ve actually spent the passed 3 weeks with my board on 24/7 while I waited for a new antispark. no issue besides it no longer charging from 99%-100%. just stops at 98.4% now. probably just worn out cells.

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loopkey, just put one in line, u dont an as circuit anymore so u dont have to worry about the sparks, the loopkey circuit will act as an off on switch and keep ur battery from draining too much


It’s fine as long as you make SURE the battery doesn’t go dead or get near the bottom of charge.

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I think the Blue One was on for most of a year, though it got turned off a couple times for a night here and there


Not even through use ?

Are you discharging through a BMS?

Most DIY builds bypass the BMS for discharge, but not all.

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If you’re definitely discharging through a BMS there may be no risk for leaving it turned on.

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I left a previous board on 24/7. Eventually something in vesc reaches a maximum value and crashes the vesc or just doesn’t work right anymore. I think it was the idle counter reaching over 999999999999 or something stupid. Definitely restart every once in a while and keep the wheels off the ground in storage


what idle counter is this? how long did you need to leave it off for the timeout to occur? was your shutdown mode set to have a timeout or did you use toggle_only or always_on?

I did not have a vesc with shut down features. Go in vesc tool under terminal and click print threads

in VESCtool under app settings > general is the shutdown mode option

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