VESC log file request

So I’ve been working on this small visualization tool for VESC log files. It’ll take a log file and generate a video of the data contained within it, the idea being that you’d overlay this on top of your ride footage.

It’s working now, but I just realized it’ll only support single VESC boards. Never crossed my mind before as the onewheel obviously only has one VESC :man_facepalming:. I’ve put enough effort into it that I should make it more generally applicable, but I’ve got no test data to work with.

Would anyone have a VESC log file (with 2 or more VESCs connected via CAN) I could work with? I’d also be interested to see a log file from a single MCU dual VESC (eg; Stormcore) if anyone has one. These files can contain location info, so please be sure not to hand over anything identifiable.

I’m expecting to see log file lines with alternating VESC ids in the dual VESC log. Not sure how this applies to the Stormcore though as it would only have one VESC id but would still have two sets of data!?

Any tips and/or data would be much appreciated. I’ll post up another thread when it’s done with all the details when this thing is finished. Thanks


Bumping with example and app screenshot. Would love some multi-VESC log files :pray:


  • Data overlay and video footage are pretty out of sync here. Just an example.


I think this is possible with the ackmaniac app, i’ve seen some videos with these overlays on YouTube: htt ps: //yo utu. be/P_thNysQvNI

If you like i can provide dual vesc logging data but i think it is not possible with the vesc App to log data from both vescs, i only get data from the vesc connected to the Bluetooth module.

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Thanks Samu, someone did actually pass on some VESC log files so I’m all good here. Also found a stack of Metr logs on here too, so I added support for that file format too. I’ve definitely seen similar attempts at something like this, not sure if they’re still working. Either way, it’s something I originally planned to use just for myself, but then got a bit carried away.

The VESC logs for multi-ESC setups are a bit different. You’re right in that you only get data from the VESC you are connected to, but there are som exceptions in there. For example; the current_in_setup column in the log is the sum of battery current from all connected VESCs.

Hey guys,
I am (still/again) working on a log visualiser similar to Metr using native VESC log files. I am almost there, but have been working with logs from Efoils only. If someone could possibly send some VESC skating log data for testing? Single VESC only please.
Any help is appreciated!

(tried to add a screenshot but wasn’t allowed to, sorry)

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I’ve got a small log file in the repo for this project. It’s from a OneWheel thing, obviously a single VESC, it may be close enough to what you’re after.

thank you, rather short, but works: Tracking


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Anyone else feel cordially invited to try it:
(currently working on a metr logfile import)

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