Vesc eRPM Limit not working


I have the problem that when i set a eRPM Limit it will save the new eRPM Limit but
this setting is completely ignored and i got always max speed/eRPM no matter whether with or without load also the eRPM Limit Start setting has no effect.

Here are my Bike setup:

Vesc 100/250 @16s FW 5.2 run in FOC

ADC1 Current control

8Kg 10 pole inrunner

I have set everything up again several times without success
is there a software bug? or am I missing something?

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now i spend a couple hours to find a workaround and find that when i use The ADC Control Type :“PID Speed” the eRPM limits are working but only there current and duty cycle the eRPM limits will be ignored.
but why?