VESC Blinking Red After Motor Stuttered (Worked for a few days)

I’m a first time builder I wanted to check in with the community to get thoughts on what is wrong.

While riding, my motor suddenly started stopping and stuttering randomly, now “Bad Detection” shows up.

With these exact same numbers (60, -60, 30, -12), I was able to previously get it to work already. I rode it for an entire 3 days but then suddenly it started stopping randomly. I continued riding it then suddenly it just completely stopped working. (When I checked the board, a wire was pulled out of the motor. When I tried plugging it back in, it still didn’t work.

I used 60/-60/30/-12 as suggested by My battery is 12S2P with a BMS from @oriol360 My motor is 6374-192KV Brushless Outrunner Motor. (Voltage: 10~12S Lipoly, RPM/V: 192KV, Internal resistance: 0.016 Ohm, Max Loading: 80A, Max Power: 4032W)

I tried rebooting it as somebody suggested. The VESC connects well and I get all the way up to the part where I need to test the motor and let it freely spin. When I click the button the VESC starts flashing red.

Below are photos of my setup:

This 2 forum thing is really playing with my sanity.


@Dareno You act as if you just answered his question half an hour ago


It’s a drv8302 error almost certainly

Which means you need to replace the 56 legged spider, it’s the one with a little mark on its back if you look carefully

Careful it’s poisonous to the wrong blood type

You can hook it up to the vesc tool enter enter spider in the terminal to confirm, although some people type errors, your choice

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Not showing any drv’s on the log which is why I asked him to do a hand test on the motor because if he detects it while fucked then he will have a drv fault. Sometimes one disconnected phase wire is all it takes to kill a vesc under load though so not very hopeful of a good outcome on this one. Red lights big no no


Phase short nonono. You can splay the make end a bit to stop that happening again. Would suggest to heat wrap those junctions any phase shorts can lead to where you are now.

That silver tape is not conducive? That would be terrible

12s FOC used to kill these little guys, not sure if that has changed

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If a motor connector became loose, it might have touched another phase wire, or a spark happened. This is deadly for the ESC. Try to flash the FW again. Sometimes a short can cause the Software to mess up. You would be lucky if that’s the case, but worth a try.

When you post things like VESC broken, blinking etc, be aware that this is no VESC. It’s a VESC compatible third party ESC. Some of those are of poor quality and tend to fry very fast. Users want to know which HW is reliable and which isn’t, so call things by their name.