VESC 4.4 vs 6.6 with 190kv 6374 motors?

I’m looking to pull the trigger on my all-terrain electric skateboard build and I’m wondering if I can save a little bit of money by buying a 4.4 VESC (50a continuous) instead of a 6.6 ESC (100a continuous). I’m using dickyho 190kv 6374 motors.

With those beefy motors be constrained by a 4.4 VESC or is the $100 savings worth it?

Depends on the source for the 4.4 really, and I don’t think there is a 6754 motor in existence…

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Thanks, I can’t believe I didn’t catch that before publishing. I meant 6574 motors.

Do you think a flipsky dual 4.4 VESC pro would be up for the challenge?

I think you mean 6374? The general consensus on FlipSky is that they suck, there’s an above average chance the ESC will poof out on you just by being a FlipSky, but the 4.4 should run okayish until then. A 6.6 will let you have more torque and a smoother ride

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All brand escs die all. But FS do have questionable quality issues as well. The c6374 you picked is a popular choice. I have used in a build and apart from bearings needing oil. I have had way less issues than my flipsky 6374 that cost twice as much. They are a good option for the money. I would go for 2 x neobox ver 4 at $80 for ESC.


neobox still a good vesc?