V3 Composite integrated build

Ok, so this is my latest COVID build. 35inch composite long board with top access integrated battery and components. 90mm hub motors in the back and knockoff 90mm Flywheels in the front. Black with some bling on top! I incorporated some of the suggestions made by board members on the last composite build. Trying to step my game up. Let me know what you guys think. BTW, the last deck is still cruising. I wanted two so I can cruise with my kids or friends. Build pics to follow!


3d design view


And the process begins…

Cutting the shape out of foam board. The cnc moves through this stuff like butter. The fine particles tend to clog the vac filter pretty quickly though. Cutting these materials (foam e-glass,and carbon fiber)is pretty nasty stuff. So I am keeping a close eye on suction and wearing a respirator. Also have the exhaust venting outside in case anything gets past the filter.

Aesthetically, one difference is in the shape. I have smoothed out the sharp corners. IMO, a less aggressive design.
The other difference is that I am increasing the amount of space between the component box and edge. This should increase tension strength of the sandwich significantly. Although my last deck has proven pretty durable thus far, some of the responses were valid regarding the week point in design. I figure why not improve if I can.


Once the foam was prepared, I started the layup consisting of triax and carbon fiber. The whole process takes about 24 hours total to cure. 12 hours each side. I’m slow so I use a slow hardener to give me plenty of time to work, fix mistakes, and get it in the vacuum bag. Still a novice at this but getting better with each build.

Final profile is now cut and I am pleased with the new shape! Also, you’ll notice the rails are black. I like the consistency in color better than the contrasting gray on my last build.


Sanding is done. You can see the shape really well. Time to work on the battery and component cover. More pics to come.


This looks really good.

I’ve been considering attempting something like this myself for the learning experience if nothing else.

Do you have issues with the rigidity of your first deck? I’ve seen people mention how stiff carbon fiber decks can be, resulting in less comfort and more vibration of the internals.

I’m sure risers would help a little bit, but still nothing like a wooden deck they say. :man_shrugging:t6:

Again, great work. :+1:t4:


Do it bro!
Just finished a composite deck project and it’s a great learning experience and super satisfying.
Bit of finishing work and will post a pretty pic. Progress pic below


No problems with rigidity on the last deck. The 90mm wheels absorb a lot of vibrations. Risers would definitely help. I haven’t had any issues so far.

Man just go fo it. I feel like I learn something with every build. Shoot me a dm and I can share some things I’ve learned. So you don’t repeat the list of mistakes I’ve made! Lol

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Finished and checked the fit. I decided to polish the aluminum to add some shine. I think it turned out pretty well.


Polished = instalike

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Working on some more bling goodies. Stay tuned!!

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Gripped and mounted the trucks. Getting so close and itching to ride it. Electrical components are next!

I decided to include some top mounted aluminum Anti Sinking pads. I engraved one and went plain on the other. I polished them as close as I could to mirror finish.

Trying to think of things to engrave was harder than I thought. Too much detail dramatically reduces the resolution if that makes sense. Let me know what you think!

The anti sinks were not necessary since a urethane plastic pad was poured in the foam under the trucks to prevent compression.


Dropped the electronics in and it’s done! This build was a lot of fun. Incorporating the forum’s feedback and refining the process was very satisfying! In the end it’s my best to date.
My kids were jacked to take it out. I am very blessed that my kids share some of my passion! Skateboarding gave me so much and it is fun sharing that with them.


These boards are so much fun!

He got me off the start, but I caught him on the top end. He didn’t know I throttled my son down. Haha!

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