USPS ran my ass over

Welp got into my first accident with a vehicle on my board today.

Ran square into the side of a USPS van at ~15-20 mph. The driver coasted through a stop sign as I was doing 25ish in the bike lane. Slammed on the brakes and started yelling but was too late.

Board got snapped in half when it apparently got ran over by the other side of the van. Motor and mount are boned; props to @torqueboards because the clamp didn’t break even when supporting 1/4 the weight of the van

lots of little cuts and bruises, whole left side of my body is throbbing bad but I didn’t break anything.

Pretty proud of myself for making such a wicked dent without totally wrecking myself.

Lesson learned: when USPS isn’t delivering your packages late they are running my ass over

Be careful out there guys :slight_smile:


Wish a fast healing, that’s terrible


Did the lady have any packages for you though?

Maybe she was just doing her job really well?!


Next time try harder for a bigger dent


Dang, man…
Glad you’re ok
I can almost see your silhouette in the side of the van :beer:


Make sure u get that insurance info… Would love to see if they pay out. Keep us posted on this end


Brah that’s my dream to get hit by a government vehicle. Man they better payout!


True, I’m curious as to the nature of the road, not saying our friend is in fault at all, the USPS driver should have looked and not cruised through, but I run stopsigns sometimes instead of stopping, so I wonder if there was a stop on the bike lane

Hard to tell from pictures but if it is only a 2 way stop, could be good payout lol otherwise hopefully the blame doesn’t fall evenly

Glad you’re okay though @Genex cars are stupid sometimes


Damn dude…
What do you need to get back on the road?


There’s a saying here in Philly called the “South Philly roll”. It’s when you don’t come to a complete stop but just kinda roll through the stop sign slowly. I’ve been almost hit numerous times because people do that shit.


I think we just call it a “California stop” on the West Coast


The look on her face says it all.


Unfortunately she didn’t have any packages for me… But if she did she would have forgotten because as I was laying on the ground writhing around it took her all of .23 seconds to begin yelling that she was sorry and asking if i was OK and what not.

She got a citation and I’m sure the insurance claim will go through with no problem. In comparison to what I could do if I took USPS to claims court paying a few thousand to replace my laptop and board is peanuts. I’m not worried about the money, though, just glad I’m fine tbh.

I even probably got her out of being fired lol. The postmaster (usps mob boss if you will) was freaking out and when I talked to him about insurance he asked me what she did. I sugar coated it because she was genuinely concerned about me and mistakes happen. Who knows.

At the end of the day money isn’t the concern, but im sure it will work itself out


Idk yet, haven’t taken a good look at the board. New deck, motor and mounts/belts etc. I think the battery is fine but the vesc might be damaged.

I am just glad it didn’t run over the battery. Could have been a different story…


Let me know when you have a parts list I’ll let you know if I got anyting.


Appreciate it :slight_smile:


I’ve definitely got a single bkb caliber 63xx mount. Probably pulleys, and belts too.


This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of what’d I’d of done.


Yea, it was a major road and no bike lane stop. She must have both coasted and not seen me. Shit happens, luckily the road wasn’t very busy and I got bounced back out of the way of traffic.

Both of my shoes got launched off so you know it was badass to witness.


Haha for sure :sweat_smile: