Using aftermarket power button on DieBieMS

Hey! I have a Unity and a DieBieMS. They both have antispark eswitches. I’ve read the advice to simply short the Unity eswitch and just rely on the DieBieMS power button. My problem is that the stock DBMS button is HUGE and doesn’t reasonably allow me to fit it inside my enclosure in a position favourable to me.

Ideally, the Unity’s switch is perfect for my space and aesthetic goals.

Question! Has anyone had success or know if third party buttons can work with the DBMS? Are there features I specifically need to seek in an alternative button? Is this a stupid question?

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m currently considering bypassing the DBMS discharge until I figure this out, which is stupid.

I don’t use the one one that is supplied with the DieBieMS either, way to big. You can use almost any pushbutton as long as it’s momentary and not latching. You don’t need one with led if you don’t want that feature. Most pushbuttons have both NC/NO (normally open/closed), you will need it to close when pressed.

I’m using this one


Yes, I use the same button that Unity has on my DieBieMS. Works fine including LED. The original indeed is huge.


@CiscoV Has a bunch of Unity buttons for sale!


Like 75 of them to be exact lol


Why so many buttons?:joy:

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Just in case I need a spare on or 2 :smirk:

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I’d called rather a warehouse full of unity buttons.

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Want some?

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Does That means no bueno!? :rofl:

I am thinking of, if a unity switch could work with that.

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Shit. Worth the try for a few bucks a pop lol

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With maybe then a half grand worth of trash?:joy:


Thanks for the replies guys! I’ve been tearing my hair out over this. @M77 Thanks for the explanation!

@janpom Any chance you can help me out with what wires go where? I’m aware the yellow wire on the DBMS harness isn’t used on the standard button, so I assume it’s much the same with this, too.

Here’s the Unity pinout.

The whites go to MOM, black goes to LED-, red goes to LED1+.

So on the connector on your photo, left to right:

  • not connected
  • black
  • red
  • white
  • white

Sorry, that’s not what you asked. :smile:

So, to use that button with DieBieMS, the DieBieMS manual is helpful and this picture in particular:

I believe the following should work:

white to black
white to red
red to green
black to blue

red and blue are both GND so interchangeable.


Thanks so much, mate! I’ll solder them like that and post results :slight_smile: You’re a champion

Do you have some left?

Yup. Dm me if you’re interested in any of them :metal:t3:

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