Used Vesc with Built-In IMU Wanted

Looking for a Vesc that has a built-in IMU. Must be able to handle 12s atleast. Post Pics, a description, and price.


Vesc 6+?
Still need them for now though, and the price isn’t pretty even if halved

Yeah, Vesc 6+

floatwheel store has them for a okay price

Yeah, I bought the balencepro and it was DOA. It’s impossible to reach out to Tony “the owner” for a replacement it seems.

Checked on discord?

He used to be active on there but since he’s based in China and Discord is blocked there, he hasn’t been active.

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Maybe you want a Cheap Focer 2 with IMU?

Did you open it up and take a look at the PCB? Might be a problem people can spot if you post some pics. When you plug it in do any lights turn on?

How many UART ports do you need, if any?

I’m looking for a Vesc with an IMU as well. I tried to order the Balance pro 6.6 from the float wheel site but was not able to make the transaction got through. I Might try getting it from Trampa but it is a little expensive on the trampa site. If anybody has some ideas where to get a vesc with a built in IMU please let me know.

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Checked out the zesc Raiden 6 and 7s? I want to say.

itsrow, Thank you I will check it out. If you come across anybody else that sells Vesc with IMU please let me know.

Add your country to your profile.

How many UART ports do you need?

How many volts will your battery be?