(USA, WTS) MBS Matrix II Drivetrain, TB VESC6, SKP 175mm tires, 14s stuff, BKB Voyager, Lacroix Pulleys and some misc free stuff

Item 1 SOLD
MBS Matrix II Rear Truck, Moon GD and TB 6374 190kv Motors:
1k miles of use, never ridden in rain or dirt. They sound amazing (see video clip below). Only selling so that I can upgrade to larger motors. Not interested in disassembling. May part out if there is no interest in the complete drive. Components include:

MBS Matrix II complete truck
Baseplate is brand new, axles are straight, no dents/dings on hanger
Brand new king pin bushings
Includes several MBS bushings

Moon Gear Drives - Batch #4
9t motor & 44t wheel pinion (straight cut) - 1:4.88 ratio
Existing pinions are in excellent shape, just opened them up for inspection (see photos)
Drives have been freshly cleaned and greased
Adapter spacing is currently set up to align perfectly with the MBS Rockstar Pro II XL Aluminum Hub. Spacers can be added or removed to work with other hubs. A few light scuffs on bottom of the drives have been touched up with automotive grade paint. Includes a bunch of spare parts:
(2) brand new spare POM wheel gear pinion w/ bearings
(2) brand new spare V gaskets
(1) brand new wheel adapter
A bunch of brand new spare hardware

Torqueboard 6374 190kv Motors
No scratches on the can, never ridden in rain or dirt.
Motors spin smoothly, no issues
Sensors work great

Video: https://youtu.be/nUdsBwiiu5Q



Item 2
Dual TB VESC6:
1k miles of use. Has always worked flawlessly. Includes CAN cable and FlipSky antispark switch with dual XT60 outputs. Only selling since I’m moving to a HV battery. Both VESCs have an aluminum heat sink, which can be removed.
$150 (USD) shipped in the CONUS (OBO):


Item 3
Set of 6 SKP 175mm tires and tubes:
About 50 miles of use on 4 tires and tubes, the other 2 are brand new
The 4 tubes that have been used have slimed sealant to prevent leaks.
No issues. The tires roll smoothly and are easily balanced.
Only selling because the roads in my town are hot garbo and I need something bigger.
$75 (USD) shipped in the CONUS (OBO):


Item 4
14s stuff:
Daly 14s BMS 20A discharge/10A charge - brand new
FS Antispark switch, was going to try it on 14s since it’s rated for 60V - brand new
YZPOWER 14s 4A charger - brand new
$40 (USD) shipped in the CONUS (OBO):


Item 5
BKB Voyager
Brand new, never used:
$25 (USD) shipped in the CONUS (OBO):


Item 6
Lacroix 72t wheel pulley:
Can be used with or without support bearing. Heavily used prior to me buying it.
$40 (USD) shipped in the CONUS (OBO):


Free items that can be included w/ any purchase over $100. Full disclosure:

  • 2 used MBS Matrix II hangers (one axle looks slightly misaligned)
  • 1 brand new MBS Matrix II hanger (one axle looks slightly misaligned)
  • 2 used Flipsky VESC (not sure if they currently work)
  • 4 MBS Rockstar II hubs (3 have less than 10 miles on them, 1 has been used longer)

All prices lowered. Free shipping to the lower 48 states in the USA.

Added some free items that can be included with any purchases greater than $100.

Send me a PM if you want something!

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what a deal, wow
10mm motor shaft or 8mm motor shaft?


These have the 8mm shaft

Uuuggghhhhh i just told the gf I wasnt going to spend more on parts :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl:

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Bump. OBO w/ free shipping in the CONUS.

Let me know if anyone just wants the motors w/ the Moon GDs, and I may be willing to uninstall them from the truck.

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Weekly bump!

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Matrix II rear drivetrain has been sold (minus the motors). May either keep the motors for another project or may sell them separately.

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MBS Matrix drive train and motors are sold and shipped out!

Surprised nobody wants some TB VESC6 controllers or some SKP 175mm tires.


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