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Hello again! Here are some new and used stuff for sale. Prices are all USD + shipping. PayPal only.

Location is Springfield MA.

MBS Matrix 2 Trucks w/metal baseplate, ATC CNC’d Motor Mounts, Flipsky 6354 190kv motors, 16t pulleys.
Price: (SOLD)

MakerX go foc dv6
Price: SOLD

E Boards peru 12s6p enclosure(semi-new) fits 21700 cells
Price: $60

TB 160mm w/62t pulleys
Price: $90 (new)

MBS F5 bindings
Price: (SOLD)

MBS Birds deck.
Price: $60 (new)

Maytech 6396 170kv 10mm shaft
Price: $100 obo!

TB 110mm 72a black wheels.
Price: SOLD

Evolve 175mm conversion kit
Price: (SOLD)

Trampa Superstar Hubs w/Red (outside) and Blue (inside) CNC Spokes w/66t pulleys
Price: $100 obo!

Demonseed clone 40"
Price: $30 (new)

Rayne Demonseed 42" 2nd
Price: $60 (SOLD)

IDEA 12s4p single stack enclosure (new)
Price: $30

Price: $5 /pair

385mm, 295mm and 275mm belts available

Abec & kegel wheel pulleys
Price: $15 kegel (new), $10 Abec

Motor pulleys
Price: $8 /pair

10mm 20t, 8mm 20t, 8mm 16t, 8mm 14t

Meepo enclosures
Price: (SOLD)

Meepo V3 power train
Price: SOLD

Shredder trucks
Price: $15

Mboards 95mm wheels used ~80miles
Price: $20


Add me to the queue for the meepo enclosure


Bump. Cheap stuff added.

Dibs on the evolve wheels

What do those kegel pulleys fit? Seems like a strange bearing size…

@ApproachCautiously may be a bent hangar here

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It might be but the hanger length is the same as my current trucks :weary: only 265mm wide when I need at least 300mm wide (best would be 320mm)

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I believe these are backfire zealot pulleys but as you said, the bearing size didn’t fit my needs.

Bump, new parts added!

What are the motor and pulley specs of the MBS drivetrain? I’m mighty interested in that.

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They are 16t pulleys on Flipsky 6354 190kv motors.

Bump! Whole bunch of parts added!

Monday bump

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What’s the total L x W on the Idea and eboosted enclosures?

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The IDEA enclosure is ~27.25x9.25

The e boosted double stack is ~25x8.5

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Lè bump

msg’d about MBS’s/mounts/motors


Matrix II truck,mounts, motors, pulleys SOLD!

available parts updated.

Morning bumperu

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NEW TB 110mm 72a wheels SOLD!

Come get your cheap parts!