USA trampa lacroix Skyart davega Hoyt

Sorry to mods because I’m sure I destroyed the format. Mainly because I kept getting errors uploading individual photos.

Pm me if you want more pictures of anything

Selling some stuff I won’t be using on my new build. Located in NJ and only shipping to USA. Preferably PayPal as payment

Basic list so you don’t have to scroll through

Skyart 18s5p X2
Davega SOLD
Radium stormcore heat shield SOLD
Radium chain drive kit
Lacroix trucks with gear drives and motors
Lacroix gear drive only
Trampa holy pro 4wd deck SOLD
Mbs f5 bindings SOLD
Hoyt pucks x2 SOLD
Apex box SOLD
Helmet. Sold

Skyart 18s5p pelicase top mount
5-7 charges on it. Works as it should. Has mounting holes drilled see pics
750 no charger 900 with

Skyart 18s5p bottom mount with ebp enclosure.
1 charge on it. Works as it should. 750 no charger 900 with

I only have 1 lacroix 18s charger
Batteries are 750 each. Doesn’t matter which one. Or 900 with charger

DAvega sold

Trampa deck. Sold

Hoyt pucks sold

Radium stormcore heat shield. sold

Gear drives/motors only (no trucks)
650 shipped
Comes with 6389 motors 140kv
Ready to bolt on. They are not new but never used. Comes with titanium axles. Has scratches

Lacroix trucks with gear drive 2wd
Complete used set of trucks with gear drives and 140kv 6389
Comes with steel axles and extra bushings
1200 shipped

Missing picture will upload tonight

Radium chain drive kit.
100 shipped.
Comes with 55t Currie gears
10t 10mm drive gears
12t 10mm drive gears
10ft of #25 chain

Radium chain adapters
40 shipped

Sorry again for the format


I’ll take a davega, pm incoming

lol wish I had a reason to grab these

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Doesn’t the price seem a little high?

Or is this an MJF case one? I might be interested if in just the internals lol

Edit: I see it is shipped price to be fair

No idea. I got them from bowser

Yea most prices are shipped

PM’d about pucks…

90% sure I’m taking one already but I think the DR one is up for grabs still

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Damn those 18s batteries are a steal


Cool. If you don’t need/want the extra batwing case though, I’d like to take it. I just want to try these different puck variations and see how they feel. And swap my existing puck if it feels good.

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Hello I’m located in NJ do you have anymore info on the deck? Is it stiff or very flexy also does it come with an enclosure?


Medium 56-58cm

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I’ll take these items if still available :call_me_hand:

I’ll take it, DMing noa

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ill take the helmet if its still available. google pay ready or paypal.