USA. NJ random parts 12s stuff

For sale

Selling some stuff to make room my new project. A little bigger than an Esk8

My 18s board is basically done so won’t be needing this 12s stuff

Radium mbs wheel chain drive adapters new
80 shipped

Radium chain drive adapter with Currie 55t sprockets
100 shipped

I Will be running the larger 11 inch tires with the chain setup mbs wheels are so tiny I don’t have enough ground clearance for where I ride

Lots of belts. 15 or so. Almost all new. Sizes from 280-385
25 shipped
Dm for more info

Flipsky tft dash thing. New with scratches
30 shipped.

Janux kegel pulley adapters.
30 shipped

Trampa/kalynyc drivetrain. Street carver
450 shipped
Trampa mini spring trucks with kaly nyc 6374 motors pulleys a/t tires/wheels

Items I would prefer not to ship…

If you really want something dm me and we can figure shipping out. Will take a few days because I don’t have large boxes. So will need to get some.

Evolve gt/gtx bamboo 2-1. Complete. It’s a gtx with gt deck
700 picked up

Works fine but has battery sag so can’t really justify selling for a whole bunch of money
Original deck cracked so I got the gt deck because it doesn’t have the battery cutout so it’s a little stiffer for bigger people.

Street wheels are pretty beat but usable.
Comes with 18650 printed battery extension and trucks mounted under to make up the space.

12s charger. Amazon special.
30 shipped

Local pickup in NJ USA 07001

Will update with more pictures later.

Dm with any questions


I’ll take

And these

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Dibs on stormy


Second in line lol

If Clever tubes are $30 for all, I’ll take


I grabbed the purple MBS tires @longhairedboy has made me like them :rofl: with his flux build

be careful, the darker purple ones wear out faster than the lighter purple ones they used to have. softer tires are great for range but they wear out fast. worth it to me though.


PM’d on the battery pack + charger. Thanks.


So… no more tires here?

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All tires are gone
Removed sold items from original post


lmao this the v2 or somthing?

No idea. It came with a set of motors I bought.

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I assume the shredlights are sl200s?

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Technically sales threads are required to have pictures of every item before posting

Please make sure to get those up as soon as possible otherwise your thread might get closed my the one who sniffs out sales threads


ill take em if you can provide pictures. Where in jersey are you? perhaps I can pick it up?

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Will get them posted tonight



Anything here still available?

Chain drive stuff but check the newer updated thread

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