[USA] Maglo Labs Velocity Enclosure

Hey everyone,

Kelvin (@Kelvinnn) and Nick (@MagloLabs) here from Maglo Labs. We’ve been longtime lurkers of the forum and have been wanting to build electric skateboards for ages.

Kelvin was building his board and wanted to design a custom enclosure that balances flexibility, compatibility and aesthetics. This is the result – Velocity Enclosure.

We utilized CAD/CAM to design and mill the mold. We also had to build a vacuum former to form the enclosure out of ABS thermoplastic.

^ Timelapse video of the mold being milled out

The Velocity Enclosure features a curved concave on it, perfect to tighten against boards that give more grip to the user.

There are two halves of the enclosure for cutting it down to length if necessary. This also makes the enclosure flexible in the middle.

We’ve had some issues with water resistance in the past, so we decided to go with cable glands to allow for easy wire access and no silicon filling. If you want, you can put window seal insulation between the board and the deck.


  • Outer dimensions : 27” x 9.25″ x 2″
  • Inner dimensions : 17.6″ x 6″ x 1.4″ (not including front and rear wedge)
  • Possible battery pack sizes : double stack 18650 12s6p or single stack 21700 12s4p with dual esc

It sells for $70 in the USA, and $85 for other countries. Buy at https://maglolabs.com. Our lead time is 1-2 weeks before we ship your order. We include the enclosure, cable glands, and hardware. Let us know if you have any questions. Hope you like it!

Happy riding,
Kelvin and Nick


looks really good. any more pics of how the 2 half’s join in the middle?

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@ducktaperules there is a short lip on one of the halves to constrain the two sides of the enclosure together



so you vacuum form these yourself? impressive.

Any details on your vacuum forming sett-up?


Yes, we do vacuum form these enclosures ourselves. As for the vacuum forming setup, we designed and built a vacuum forming table and heating element specifically for making esk8 enclosures.

What deck is that?

Following. So you glue them together in the middle and/or use silicone to make it watertight?

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It’s the 40" bamboo fiberglass drop through deck from Skateshred

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I would attach some kind of flexible but durable rubber sheet across and glue it very well, could be on the inside as well as outside if thin enough material.

Think like an accordion bus or whatever but less stretching needed.


Correct, you have a couple options for joining the two halves of the enclosure together. Glue, silicone, heavy duty tape or even door sealer will work for improving water resistance. You also have the option of not physically joining the two sides so that in the event you need to access the esc(s), only the back half of the enclosure needs to be removed and not the entire thing.


Welcome to the forum. Is that exhaust loud? Runnin a 4 barrel or fuel injection? Nice enclosure.

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Thanks for the welcome! Haha, no exhaust

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A year later, are you still building and shipping? What’s the updated shipping time?