USA-FOR SALE- Anyone want any of this stuff?

Yo dudes. Got a bunch of stuff from the past that I really don’t want in my home anymore. Basically just parting out my first eboard. Just figured I see if anyone wants any of this before I continue to let it collect dust in my home and thought someone might be able to use this stuff. I’ll be adding more things as I go through my boxes of shit. I’ll mark what’s sold when it’s sold.

My PayPal email is Either pay with Friends and Family or add the difference if not. This stuffs already cheap enough.

USED Chiboards 10S4P Samsung 25r Battery $120 Shipped
I’ve been using this battery for years. It’s been a soldier in my esk8 war that I battle every day. It has tons of miles on it, but it still gets me 14-16 miles per charge. It has a 60A SuPower BMS and has always been kept at storage charge when not in use. It’s always been able to reach full charge and has a special place in my heart.

NEW 3D Servisas Dual FOCBox Heatsink $50 Shipped

USED Enertion Motor Mounts (No Hardware) $25 Shipped

NEW Hoyt Boards 38t Wheel pulleys (fits flywheel variants) and Zoo Bomb Wheels $110 Shipped

NEW 9mm Enertion HTD5 265 Belts & USED 36t Press fit wheel pulleys $25 Shipped

USED TB 218 Trucks w/Enertion Style Motor Mounts and 40t bolt on wheel pulleys $80 Shipped

NEW MBS All Terrain 100mm $30 Shipped

USED BKB 40t Wheel Pulleys $55 Shipped
I was using these with Surf Rodz RKP’s and had to use different bearings and shims. The shims kept coming loose and scraping the pulleys. It’s just cosmetic damage. The pulley works exactly how it should and they only have around 50 miles on them.


@b264 more enertion mounts.

Great deals @SeanHacker

No way it’s gonna last long.
I’d be all over a few things if timing was different.


If ur in Europe I want the TB218 kit and the mbs AT wheels.

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In the US. Updated the title.

I want the FocBox case. PayPal now?

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How are those zoobomb wheels? Never heard of them before

They are the hoyt wheels


Yep. Put my PayPal in the OP.

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I’ve only ridden them a few times on other boards so I wouldn’t be too good at describing them. But they’re good as far as I could tell. No complaints.

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Sendiing PP for the Enertion mounts now :slight_smile:

Me me me me are the orange wheels, and tourqueboard availab,e

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These? USED TB 218 Trucks w/Enertion Style Motor Mounts and 40t bolt on wheel pulleys $80 Shipped

Im from the uk how much for postage if postage is cheep i will take it

I have no clue about shipping to EU. But it’s probably expensive.

take the wheels as well

I’ll check on shipping when I hit the post office tomorrow. Pm me your address and I’ll get it checked out and let you know.

The tb218 with mounts still available?

If you’re in the US they are. :wink:

@jonisingt35r might want to fist fight you tho…

Yes I am il PM you

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Il take my chances lol!

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