USA CA: Bird Bazaar and Free stuff

Need to move some parts.ginna be the last build for a while so lots of free stuff

Maytech Motors, lots of miles but no damages $150

Trampa Mounts by Torque Boards $50

All Free +shipping
Atom board
Lots of Belts
Mtb Trucks
Fine frit


What trucks are those?


Old school MBS. Round the whole way so unless you can diy some Mounts, they’re not electrifyable. 12mm axles.


I was gonna say the baseplates look super weird too. I’m guessing those are old MBS bindings too, F3 or F4 or something?

glws bro

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Shipping on the freebies to 33907?

I can diy the shit out of some mounts, lol

Also what kv on the maytechs?

This deck looks amazing, is it still open to take ?

Depending in shipping I want.

I want it all!

I want it now!

Except the mounts lol

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I’d say shipping is ~$30 for the deck to contus
@Alpacaslapper someone PMd me for the deck before you. I’ll go in order of ok received.

Motors are 190kv

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Nah man it’s good

It will probably end up sitting in my cupboard for ages
@Alpacaslapper take it but I wanna see something awesome out of it soon

Ok I’ll take the freebies for sure :100:

Let me check what kv my motor at home is so I can make 4wd

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Apparently deck is smaller then you think
At least that’s what he pmed me

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That’s ok I’m not compensating lol, if you tell everyone you have a small deck up front, then it will be larger then they expect when they see it and you win at life!


Fair enough

Got a mtb build plan for 2037 so thought I would jump on this
Either way shipping to me after taxes prob wouldn’t make it worth it

Also isn’t the atom a kite board?

I’d buy the motors in a heart beat. If I didn’t just get my credit card bill for xmas :cry:


If anyone wants one motor, we can split them, I only need one more

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Are any of the freebies available? Specifically the deck and belts? See a few takers but not sure.

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Claimed by me


Pulled from the website:
14.9-pound overall weight
4.3-pound deck weight
41.4-inch overall length
33.5-inch axle-to-axle length
9.5-millimeter axle diameter
15.3-inch axle width
36-inch deck length
8.6-inch deck width
20-degree deck tip angle

Sounds like @Alpacaslapper is taking everything. I’m throwing the mounts at him if he takes a package deal.

Otherwise he wants everything except the mounts. A d apparently he only needs one motor.

I won’t drag it out, if no one wants the motor by the end of tomorrow I’ll take it all.

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