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USA Budget MTB build parts for sale

Prices are w/o shipping. Buyer covers shipping, I cover PP fees.
Location 9132o USA

Flipsky 6374, both sensored, one sealed one open, each $80 or $150 for pair.

:" 72t 18mm width as used,they where used to test fit but never used on a build.
The hole patterns are for MBS Rockstar Pro / Rockstar II and I also believe the FiveStar Hub have the same patterns. Don’t [know] what the extra holes are for." $60 What I paid from ATC

The other pulleys are 70T from alieexpress, holes dont work for anything I know of. $25 USD

Single Focbox 1.6 105$ pending

double focbox 3d print: $5 or free with any purchase

Comp 16 Board. Deck is beat up. Tires hold air forever,… Old and worn but not broken

Matching Janux Mounts for Old style Matrix trucks, These fit on the deck/trucks as above.
These ran me $235 (not shipped or taxed) due to the special powder coat at the time.
@Janux-esk8 told me he would send new clamps to fit other trucks if I ever upgraded,
that was some time ago now. They’re unused, just test-fit, so I’d like to get $220 for em

will sell mounts/deck combo for $250 + shipping (or pickup since shipping this will be )



@Venom121212 You interested in any of this? Don’t you build these old decks?

Dont scare him with ATS trucks lol.



The ones that snapped were different !

Mine don’t even have nipples!



Not gonna lie, I do like the deck haha. Too many boards in progress at the moment though.


Focbox is pending

Taking offers