[USA] Barrels for Mountainboard Trucks - Soft Durometer - Yellow 4pcs/pack - $18.95

Elastomere Barrels for MTB Trucks
Soft Durometer Yellow 4pcs Pack
$18.95 (USD) $14.50 (USD) with promo code valid for 1 month


Here’s a 25% off promo code for you: esk8promo. Valid till Sept. 6th 2021

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0988TJYCB


Why dont you just post a link for them here?

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I see, I will go and tickle it to help you out I don’t need barrels as I don’t use those trucks tho.

This is so niche even here that I don’t assume people would search these stuff on amazon


So instead of forcing your audience with the highest conversation rate probability (this forum) to jump through a bunch of hoops (which is already reducing your sales), a better strategy would be to come up with a unique search term yourself and include it in the title of your product.

Diyesk8 YellowBarrels LightningBarrels YellowDampers YellowSpringless LightningRubber YellowTubes etc etc

This community is very active and welcoming, but you’re not doing anyone any favors with your current approach. And only a handful of people are going to bother for a small price break on barrels.

Post your keywords and a link to the Amazon search url with that keyword included and you’ll get a ton more hits here

Edit: fyi, your sponsored listing is on page 1 for “mtb barrels trucks”


Well here’s the link if no one wants to search for it:


But if you want to help out you can try to find it :slight_smile:

Should have probably just done that, thank you @sleepless

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Searching for “mountainboard barrels” it’s 3rd on the first page. Right under listerine and xylitol tablet, weird.


lol exactly, that’s the problem, even if someone wanted to buy barrels on Amazon and searched for “mountainboard barrels” all they would find is irrelevant stuff because no one has barrels on amazon as far as I know, so the algorithm doesn’t know what a barrel is, so essentially I have to train it and make it learn what a barrel is by having people search for it and buy it, and then it will be like ahh that’s a barrel… lol what a hazzle

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Was there a big difference In turning when these barrels were installed on the Chinese channel trucks?

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yeah huge, I had the stiffer springs though, so that made it extra hard to turn before

Nice, good that they fit on the chinese trucks as well!

Those DIY retainers :grimacing:
I mean really congrats for the idea but I wouldn’t trust them. Your life is more worth than 8 proper barrel retainers :man_shrugging:. Also the barrels could get damaged after some time because of the not really rounded surface of your retainers.

I wonder how you did it on the hanger beause usually there are M5 bolts and not M8.

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The retainers hold up well. There’s no rough edges on the nuts that act as retainers.

The bottom part of the truck was tricky, I had to find a plastic piece that would fit on M5 screws and glue it with Epoxy. I have the screws on with Loctite, it’s pretty solid.

I’m lowering the price to $28.95 + the 25% off for a month, cause no one is buying and probably will not be selling it more than what I have as it’s too niche, I’ll have it on for a year though, I got 100 packs if anyone wants before they are gone (lol…)

What’s the difference between these and the red MBS egg shocks?

Not familiar with the MBS egg shocks. I think those go inside springs? Barrels completely replace springs

They’re at $18.95 for 4 now, hurry before they’re gone. $14.50 around if you get the promo code.

Pretty much at cost at this point

Where can I get retainers for these barrels?

Why don’t you include retainers in the package? I think more people would buy them if you included retainers

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Trampa or Kaly.nyc has them. It was too costly to make them

I just made some DIY ones for myself

For sure, I wish I could

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Considered doing any medium ones?

Are they $28.95 or $18.95. You advertise $18.95 but on Amazon they are $28.95? What’s going on here?


I got these and they’re pretty good for the price

I used M8 bolts and Locknuts as the retainers and they’re surprisingly holding up well

Are they $28.95 or $18.95. You advertise $18.95 but on Amazon they are $28.95? What’s going on here?

Wondering the same thing. @solice77 can you clarify?