[US]WTS Two 14s7p m35a packs🔋🔋+ 2x 5amp charger's⚡

So im getting rid of my garbage zero 10x scooter and i wanted to sell my m35a packs i made for it. The current config of both packs are 7 cells wide triple stack setup but im willing to do a rebuild on them to fit the packs into a esk8.

These were my 1st two battery packs i ever made starting out as a custom battery builder so the quality difference between May of this year Vs. now is different but they performed amazingly nonetheless.

I rode these packs in parallel and only put 500 miles on them so they have plenty of life in them and also never charged to 4.2v for pack life longevity.

Shipping will be free for anywhere in US via UPS.

Specs of packs are as follows:

14s7p Molicel M35A made by me with smart bms bypassed discharge with 15amp fused GX-16 (i believe) charge port.
Max charge 7amps for 3 and half hour charge time from dead to full (4.1v)
1.400wh full charge at 4.1v
70amps continuous discharge

Each pack will get one free 2amp charger included along with a xt60 charge port splitter if u also buy the 5 amp charger for $50 to go with the pack.

Price for each Pack is $650 now with free shipping
(Cost breakdown $450 for the pack itself and $200 for the rebuild in a esk8 enclosure or pelican case).

Build time will take a week, you will get pmed if anything changes rebuild timeframe.


These look great! Id try selling to the DC folks, those scooters are pretty popular there

I know a guy that may want these ill send him the listing.

How do these compare to the stock battery in that scooter?

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Stock pack was a sub 1k wh dynavolt with dumb bms no fuses and bad range less then 20 miles on the horrible bldc controllers the zero scooters have. One 14s7p m35a should get about 25 to 30 maybe on a single charge but with both i got 40 county/fast riding and 60 miles city range. Also thnx

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do they both fit inside or do you swap them?

One was mounted on the stem and the other was inside

How? you have an enclosure?

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Bought a external battery bag zero made for the 10x to mount the external pack then had a long discharge wire go from the ext. Pack to the deck of the scooter then plugged up to a parallel connector



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Bump packs price drop to 650$ lets get these cells sold or else imma just make it a big ass 12s pack or two and ride it XD.