[US] WTS MakerX DV4 Vesc/ WTB vesc6

Item 1
Description: barely used DV4. Treated with love, but I need a Vesc 6 because ERPM and 12s.
I use it for probably 2 weeks, and there’s a small bit of insulation missing on the positive wire for remote receivers with voltage sensing.
Price (USD): $90


If you have a dv6 or dual Vesc 6 I’ll buy it. Otherwise I’ll just get one new with a Bluetooth module from their website


FSESC dual 6.6+ with free HM-10?

Does it have a heatsink?

I sometimes worry about the quality of flipskys products. Also, how long was it used?

Meaty heatsink, exposed top. Redone using 5.5 and 14awg phase with XT60 and 12awg power, running latest 3.00 VESC Tool

Not sure on miles, but it runs just fine. I think Flipsky die pretty fast so it should be good, I believe if was mostly on 10s, the one I had before (exact same) did hundreds of miles on 12s no issue

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That’s the one with the antispark right? It pains me that I recently bought a standalone antispark. I’ll let you know if I want it.

Also, how much do you want for it?

Yeah integrated antispark with the nice big latching switch. Say $200 flat, I’ll cover G&S, free shipping and HM-10

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I’ll consider it, but I’m also considering a new dv6 with a Bluetooth module as it’ll only cost me $15 more, and I have an antispark. No tax/shipping cost and I’m in no rush at all as I won’t get to the battery for like a month.

I mean I can take a little more off if that helps, but the DV6 is a decent choice too

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Might be interested but, is it not 12s friendly?

Well, it can handle 12s, but a voltage spîke could do some serious damage and break it.

It’ll be a bit dangerous if your battery is fully charged, but otherwise you should be fine. Many people use a vesc4 with 12s.

ill throw in free shipping of someone takes it in the next 24 hours lol. The parts for my board are coming in soon, and I don’t want to be stuck waiting on the esc.

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Nah, my racestar is a single motor board with a fsesc 4.12.

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I’m going to run duel 5065 racestars 140kv 10s4p with this esc it should be fine? :thinking: 97mm thane not 83mm maybe cloud wheels haven’t decided

Oh yeah ofc. I ran dual 6364 190kv with this at like 30a and it was great.

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What should I run just curious :call_me_hand:

You want the Cloud Wheels


For her, 20a is enough to start. The single motor board you just saw is running 20a on that motor, and it barely gets warm. I’m 190lbs, I can only imagine how fast she’s gonna go. As an alternative, set the current limit to max and set a duty cycle limit.

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Racestar claims the motors are good up to 34amps.

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