[US-WTS] Dual OG Focboxes 1.6 + heatsink

Dual Focboxes 1.6’s mounted to a heatsink
No idea how much these are worth, I haven’t seen them for sale in months. Purchased from a trusted forum member in working condition, but I have NOT powered on to verify/setup.

I think I paid $160, so that’s where I’ll set the price.
Price: $100, I’ll cover shipping within the US

Feel free to shoot an offer though. Also willing to trade for a Stormcore 60D + cash on my end.

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bump // is this priced fairly??? :sob:

Focboxes aren’t worth much anymore because we have options like the makerx dv4s that are smaller and outperform these + have a power button for the same cost.


thanks for the input. Price reduced

But they’re still a good buy as a tried and tested workhorse. Kept within their limits they seemingly go forever.