[US] WTS: clone abecs 90mm

Hey guys

Want to sell the following items, prices exclude shipping.
Located in US

  1. Calibers II, 44deg base plates, mounted/minimal signs of wear (almost new) - 20$ SOLD
  2. Calibers II, 50deg base plates, ridden for ~100km, see pics for wear, structurally sound - 15$ SOLD
  3. Enertion motor mount, used, and filed at the clamp to get further towards the center of the hanger - 15$ SOLD
  4. 90mm black ABEC clones, used - 10$ obo (I can remove the printed pulley)

44deg calibers

50deg calibers

motor mount



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truck, motor mount, and (maybe) wheels claimed

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I’ll take the 44s.

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That was quick!
Left with the wheels only!