(US) WTS Boardnamics M1 Gear Drive Bergmeister adapters $20

I have ordered 10 sets (20) of the Bergmeister adapters for Boardnamics M1 Gear Drive. I will be keeping 1 set. The cost of said adapters works out to $18.50 each.

I am not interested in turning a profit on these, but would rather pass on the opportunity to get these to fellow DIYers who didn’t get them while they were available.

There is still some time for the opportunity to ask for either an 8mm or 10mm bearing pre-pressed into the adapter. At some point, I will have to choose what to do with the remaining adapters as far as pressing goes, since I do not own a press.

Please, if you are interested in obtaining one, a pair, or 4 of these, please let me know so that I can tally up what to do with the bearing option, and regardless of what happens between now and when the adapters are in my possession, I will appreciate the feedback with helping to decide.

Shipping will be at cost from me in Miami, FL to you. I will have no issues with shipping International, but it will be at cost using USPS.



@Jebe @Kai @abusfullofnuns @Nacho @PedroMcJimenez @poastoast

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I’m good thanks good luck on the sale :+1:



oh :eyes::flushed:

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@poastoast Which size axle would you use if I were sending them to you for free?

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I understand the lack of responses, but please understand I already paid for them and am just asking for help with deciding what bearing to ask @Boardnamics to press into them before he sends them to me.

The best guess right now is 6x10mm, 14x8mm


my m1 streets are currently on 8mm axles

but i don’t have bergs :cold_sweat:

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Ill take one set for 10mm

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8mm shipping to Australia may be a killer though.
Brisbane Australia 4017

Hmmm anyone know if these will fit the Hoyt mini hubs? If so I could use an 8mm pair. Prolly grab one up next week either way for science.

Nah, they’re press fits specifically for bergs

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Lame. Lol.

I have a spare set of bergs. In Australia though

Well poo

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Hi everyone, received these yesterday.

If you’re still interested in a pair, please post here and I’ll respond asap. The bearings are not pressed in and I only received 8mm bearings, so you’ll need to get your own 10mm bearings and/or press them in yourself. Kevin suggests that heating up the adapter will make it easy to press fir the bearing.

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Ill take 2 please

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