[US] (WTS) Any interest in a meepo V3 drive train on a Landyachtz Evo deck?

Standard meepo v3 hub motor setup with the 100mm wheel upgrade (100mm rear hub sleeves weren’t installed yet when these pics were taken).

I hated the stock deck so I mounted everything to a Landyachtz Evo deck.

Hoping to get $450 obo to fund part of my next direct drive build.

just curious what kind of risers did you need to use to make that work?

It looks liike the battery enclosure was still scraping the ground at times

Shorty got low.

Looks like maybe .5"
I had a full girthy inch on the peregrine. So doesn’t seem excessive

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Yeah, believe it or not most of it happened with the shitty original meepo deck. I’m a fat ass and that meepo deck flexed waaaay to much with my girth. I’ve got almost an inch of riser on it and it’s got about the same clearance now as it used to, but the big difference is that the Evo barely flexes at all.

I still get scrapes occasionally, but way less often and way less harsh than on the original deck

I’ll measure when I get home, but I think it’s close to an inch

where do y’all find one inch risers? or do you just stack multiple risers to make it work? is truck walk a problem?

i’m very interested in doing something like this, but those issues have put me off