[US] WTS ABEC11 107 Superfly 74a & 97 Flywheel 75a

Hi guys

I got for sale a stash of original and unused:

ABEC11 107mm Superfly wheels 74a, Green $85.00 plus shipping Link

Also some ABEC11 97mm Flywheel 75a, Green $45.00 plus shipping. Link

Got to clear room in the shop :grin:
So shipping out same day if purchase made before 2:00 pm EST.

@moderators, let me know if the posting format is correct.

everyone Thanks for reading :pray:


Its perfect, and you suck for putting up stuff I wanna buy this close to Christmas :slight_smile:.


I do not need these, I do not need these, I do not need these…


@BigBen What if I helped you into the pit?

edit pm.

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You wouldn’t happen to have any green 107s with the black core?

That’s true
Christmas is harder every year :joy:

@Myke nope
@BigBen that is a good self control strategy

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I’ve wanted these ever since I saw you testing them on the direct drives, Fourth of July weekend. How many do you have left?

I got a few
Will check tomorrow

@Kaly did you abandon the thought of selling completes with the DD on the Bowery plates? I thought those looked so sick

Still got so Bowery plates but focusing on spring batch of 2.0’s


Thanks for the great price! Order # 10205 goes on this trampa!