[US] WTB Practice Cells

Looking for spent/dummy li-ion battery cells to practice spot welding and dial in settings for 0.2mm nickel strips.

Where in the states are you? If you’re east coast I have an ass load of cells, something like 80 loose cells and 18 in a shitty battery

I can probably only fit 2 in there man. You be gaped or something




South Carolina

Yeah that’s close, I think I will be able to catalog what I have on hand tonight. How many cells are you looking for and in what state? Some are clean single cells, some are semi salvaged with damage or nickel remaining, there are 10x 3p parallel packs, and a single stack 6s3p

I’m just practicing welds and tuning my Malectrics to .2mm nickel. I feel like 30 would be plenty.

30 assorted loose cells sounds good? I have them already in a little 10x3 holder