[US WEST] New motors, mounts, wheels, and more for sale!

Hello! I bought all these items within the last year or so and for one reason or another I ended up just not needing them. Everything is brand new and never used unless specified below the item.

Buyer pays shipping and I’m located in US West (Los Angeles).

Janux Dual Drive Motor Mount System (Anodized “Picatinny Black”): $150

1 x Eboards Peru Moonshine Sidekick Enclosure with 12 (Anodized Black) bolt sets: $60

1 x set of 4 Cloud Wheel Discovery (105mm Obsidian Black with spacers and bearings): 100$

4 x Evolve All Terrain Hubs (Green): $40

4 x Evolve All Terrain Hubs (Green) with 7” Off roading tires and inners assembled (also Evolve Drive gear bearings for 10mm axles if you want them): $75


Any idea if the evolve hubs have the mbs bolt pattern?

Those are nice. Great prices. glws


Thank you thank you! It looks like it’s the same


They don’t.


For anyone wondering. These are solid mounts. I have the exact same set on a mtb for 3 years now. Though I don’t recommend (it’s just worked for me), I’ve needed no loctite and nothing has come loose the slightest.



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I am interested in the 6389 motors

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Asked to be paid by PayPal up front before even seeing the parts and will not give a location until you pay. Very suspicious activity. My PayPal may have been compromised. Red flag


What exactly are you saying?

I don’t get it either. There are pictures in the first post?

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He didn’t want to abide by conditions of sale so now he’s calling me a scammer

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Usually I ask the seller to quote shipping price before I pay obviously

Idk what he’s saying though

mmmm drama

Definitely heard both sides before lol

Want to explain some more?

pictures are at the top of the thread.

Why do you need a location?

Well it would be stupid to pay twice and pay more fees, tf is the problem here?

Can I post the chat between us? I’m working and really don’t care to put effort into this.

nah posting PMs is off limits. Prolly better to just leave it.

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if DMs, no
unless consent by all included parties is given probably

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