[US] VX2 Pro Remote [SOLD]

Flipsky VX2 Pro remote: $60 shipped

Brand new. Box was opened and an attempt was made to get it setup with my AWD setup. Could not figure it out using UART. So I said fuck it bought a puck and APS remote instead. Stickin with PPM.

Receiver is setup for vesc6 (I believe)

Ahh fuck I’ll add another picture later with the screen on so you can tell it’s the color version… (lol)

60 shipped? oh shit send it here

Edit arn’t you using dual unity? its super easy to set up uart for that. just need to configure it via usb on the focbox tool changing app to uart with multiple foc enabled under nunchuck and setting proper master/slave


2nd in line.
Doesn’t anyone sleep around here?:sleeping:

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xD where were you guys for the GB it was $48 :japanese_goblin:
Still a good deal tho

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GB was too short, need more $48 VX2 Pros!


Hahaha yea two builds with dual unities tried to get it to work with Both with no luck. Switched to ppm and all was good in the world again.

Ehh gave me a reason to buy a puck and see what that was all about and so far not disappointed.

Figured someone else can use it.

Hahaha right. I was like I’ll post this and crash I don’t think anyone will see it until the morning…