[US] Trampa Orrsom longboard deck and battery tray

Selling 50% off purchase price of nearly new longboard deck (stiff 16ply) with dual vesc battery tray and fasteners. Board has 2 defects: small wheel wells and an extra hole in battery tray covered with a rubber grommet. I have an extra end piece for the enclosure with cable holes drilled (pictured) as well as original 8 holed end. Will include extra sheet of Dope Grip tape. I was able to fit a 12s4p Molicel p42a 21700 but had to use 1/4" rubber gasket and longer bolts (will include if desired) Buyer pays shipping. Price: $150.


Good deal!

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Hi,I buy it if ship to Sweden

Sorry it’s sold. I need to request thread to close.



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