US SOLD Maytech Remote latest version

I have the newest maytech remote for sale.

$75 shipped.

It’s complete and works great. Minimal scratches from grip tape on board. Even includes the wiring changes that are needed to make the telemetry work for esk8

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I might be interested, any reason you’re selling it?

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Selling because I’m building a 4wd 14s9p red ember at the same time as putting together a carver. Just decided I didn’t need back up for back ups. Plus my broseph @DerelictRobot is about to drop some hotness. I will be retrofitting the fleet to be freesk8 equipped.

I have reservations about selling this one because I do like it. However, it’s worth more than the vx2 that’ll serve as an emergency.


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More details please :sunglasses:

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That one is confidential, but your hellcats forced the build. :joy:The red ember be a surprise in final form too. :sunglasses:


Sold pending funds.

Thanks guys.