[US_SoCAL] Rather_LRG_Sale (New&Used bits of everything)

Def. Interested and signed up just to get in on this. It won’t let me DM you…

Yea you can’t DM until you reach another membership level, it’s an anti-spam protection.

If you really want something you’ll have to put your desires in the thread, or @ him and ask him to PM you

I’ll have the Gear Drives and Hangars Kegels etc, poss even the motors if you can ship to London UK.


Lol, I would have bought it immediately if I hadn’t just bought one new.

Oh well. The new deck is supposed to be better anyways

I’ll take this if still available. PM about to be sent.

Updates y’all. Get at me if there is something you want that’s still left.


  • Trampa 60t pulleys

  • MBS 60t pulleys

  • 4x’s focboxes

  • 1x’s broken unity

  • Flux deck to Dash

  • Six Shooters w/ pulleys

  • MBS Hubs x 4

  • PPB Shell

  • BN GD’s

  • Flipsky 6374 motors

  • 15t motor pulleys

  • EVO enclosure

  • Flipsky Dual 6.6 VESC

  • 3d Servias heatsink

  • Killshot Deck w/ free enclosure

  • Koowheel hubs

  • Front truck

  • Generic black 97mm wheels

  • Flipsky anti-spark

Just sizing down

Thank you for this actually, you got it right on all I believe, hells yeah!

Got dig through ESK8 box #2 wich I will do when I make it to my garage in a few this morning. Keep you posted homie


Dang. If there’s another flux in there I call dibs

Did you ever find that oil slick hanger?

Updated again ESK8 familia, first part is marked as sold and the 2nd part mark “still available” is what can still be swooped. LMK if anyone has questions, hot buys all around so hmu with offers and we’ll make a deal baby!

DM’d you my dude.