[US] Small Esk8 Sale

Hey everyone,

Selling a few things that I’ve acquired over the past 2 months for my diy build that I ended up not using. Located in NY, all prices are without shipping.

SOLD Set of 2 Torqueboards Motor mounts. They’ve got some normal wear on them, and on of then is slightly grinded from wheel pulley misalignment in my early testing. $45 for the set

SOLD Set of 2 TB 36T kegel pulleys. One of them slightly grinded as mentioned above. $35 for the set

SOLD Boardnamics standard caliber motor mount. Missing one set screw to hold the clamp but runs fine without it. $10

SOLD Fully working Enertion Focbox 1.7. Very few miles. $110

SOLD Non-working Enerion Focbox 1.7. Could be a drv, stm32, or both, not sure. $65

SOLD Fully working TB Vesc. $50

Set of 2 non-working TB Vescs, fried Drv. $20 each

SOLD Lastly, got a nano remote, runs fine. $10

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.


Pm’ing about the working focbox 1.7.

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Working TB Vesc sold

That’s not a Mini Remote. It might be a Nano Remote, not sure

edit: maybe a Winning Remote


Does this include shipping to USA?

Yup. Change to “Winning” remote.

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It is indeed a nano. Tb one probs. Based on the winning but the good one not the killer.


I stand corrected, good sirs.


They are all winning remotes to be fair just rebranded. The problem is that the og winning was so bad that it was a good idea not to mention that brand. Nano it is. Good solid little remote if a little short in the throw.

I can still send you my one if you want it?

sorry @NatS hijacking your thread like a noob. glws


I think it’s a winning mini remote actually :thinking:

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Nope, all good on that front, but appreciate the offer.

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No worries! Appreciate the activity… post was quite dead before lol


Shut up Alan you sold out. You get no say.

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Is it a torqueboards nano? Worth mentioning.

I’m just moving onto the future, we’ll all eventually convert, before then though, 13s10p @Dareno in the works

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Hmm not entirely sure. Bought it from a friend who also didn’t know. Any way of knowing?


Ahahah, the trusty mount that has 1200 miles on it


Bought it and ended up not using because it didn’t really work with my build :disappointed_relieved:

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It would have “Winning” on the other side of the case.

Yeah, trust me on it. Its a nano

@AlanZhou EUC progression