[US] Selling board | I'm outie 5 Boe

Prefer to sell this as a set, but i’m open to offers.
Trying to sell the set for 450 and whatever shipping is.
US only, unless you’re buying this without the battery.
Board needs a new mount. Or extract the screw from the original shit mount. Whatever pleases you.
you need an android phone unless you use your own receiver.

*6374 192kv turnigy sk8 motor.
*10s3p battery with BMS. Range is about 15 miles on flat land. 9 on constant severe incline.
Has Fast&slow charger.
*vesc 4.12 running ackmaniac firmware
*15t motor pulley
*36t wheel pulley
*97mm clone flywheels
*transmitter is a 2.4ghz bluetooth module. I recommend switching this out. If not, i’ll send the APK that controls le chip.
Comes with two belts.

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