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US sale Tb Abec/kegel and haggy berg wheel pulleys pulleys mounts and some other Isht

Located in San Jose ca
Letting go of some of my spare parts.

I have some lightly used Tb bolt on wheel pulleys for both Abec and kegel wheel cores
36t for 15mm wide belts

Also have some hard to find aluminum pulleys for bergs pneumatics made by moon
These can be used with or without support bearings
47t for 15mm wide belts.
$50 for the set!

SOLD! Mad munkey gt2b remote with receiver
Don’t know much about it other than it is new, it looks freaken awesome and it has a battery capacity meter $60

New hobby king mounts for caliber trucks will fit 63xx motors $10 for the set

SOLD! Basically new mbs matrix 2 baseplates $20 for a set of 2

SOLD! OG boarnamics motor mount with idlers for caliber trucks Kit includes 325 and 320 x 12mm belts $25

10s 2 amp evolve Charger Original plug broke and replaced for a new one still a 2.1x5.5mm barrel Works great $10

FREE CLAIMED! white mbs rockstar 2 hubs look at pics
Taker pays for shipping

FREE spring set for trampa trucks Came off an old kaly board I had a while back

CLAIMED! FREE carve board channel trucks with 104mm urethane wheels
Missing springs Other than that in good shape

Thanks for looking :love_you_gesture:t3:


Is that a set of 4 rockstar 2 hubs? I didn’t pay attention if you’d sell outside of the US but Could you check shipping for me to Tahiti in French Polynesia postcode 98702.


Aww man. Why do you have to be outside the us? Naw brother. Don’t wanna fill out that customs form and go through the hassle of international shipping.
I’m sorry :neutral_face:


Well im in US and wouldnt mind them hubs…


:triumph: :sob:


I was gonna yank em but I think I’m locked in to the evolve press fit pulley ecosystem for the time being. Hopefully nobody tells me they work with each other, I’ll be sad.

I’m still pissed that I saw @CiscoV’s dual 6374 + Kahuas for like, $200 the second he posted. Debated it for 5 minutes because funds were low, insert something here about hookers n blow - obviously, by that time, it’d been snagged. Wonder who the lucky fuck wuz.


They wont work with each other

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I didn’t think so, but with no flat surfaces to brace, how do their bolt on pulleys even affix? Is it a hex standoff or something? Or do they just use different press fits for the respective geometry

Most of them use hex standoffs yeah

Mbs tires and wheels are pretty inexpensive… ive been thinking of making a build with bigger pneumatics

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Ill take the mad munkey remote, carve trucks & MBS baseplates. PM me the total and where to PayPal and Ill get it done today. Thanks brudda.


Still got the caliber mounts ?

The hobby king ones

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@Scepterr time to get them kegel pulleys :smirk:

Yes sr. Hobby Kings are still available


PMing you

PM’d about these

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