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[US] Posterduck's Garage sale

Well, it’s my turn to do one of these things. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. I am trying to be fair with the pricing, but if I am way off please let me know.

Shipping not included in the price. I will do PayPal G&S if you cover the fee, or F&F (gasp) if you don’t want the fee.

Evolve 97mm wheels with pulleys and bearings
These were used for less than 15 miles. I got them when I got the board 3 years ago and they have lived in my parts bin ever since.

China MTB trucks with motor mount and Trampa shaped egg things in the springs
A bit beat up, but still works great. Includes motor mounts for 63xx motors. 10mm axle.

Flipsky vx1 with receiver
In good condition with the receiver.
$40 SOLD

Flipsky vx1 remote
Just the remote. It is a bit scuffed up but still works.

ABEC11 F1 107mm tires and pulleys
Used once and I slipped out and fell on my face. One wheel has a few small chunks on it, but the rest are perfect. I think the writing is worn off a bit on the side of each tire from sliding around in my bin for so long. Still glossy.

MBS fivestar hubs
Slightly used.
$35 SOLD

Evolve camo hubs with bearings
Got these back before the quality went to shit. Not much to say about them. They are nice.
$60 SOLD

Random fucking glove
I truly have no idea where this thing came from. Smells new.


DMing about the MBS hubs


I’ll take them if he doesn’t


Dibs on the fives if they chickenshit out on you. I’ll give ya 50.00


@halbj613 just posted a WTB for this item


need vx2 sadly
i have the receiver inside the enclosure and i cant be bothered opening it up
unless they are the same receiver?

Oh I read that wrong; my bad


So is this still pending or what? Just asking, I got ninja snatched for those lazyrolling hoodies this week, gotta be vigilant with those hoarders lurking.


Sold. Just updated it.

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Trucks are available again.

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Wow those trucks look familiar :heart_eyes: what happened to the battery on that board? It was literally on of my first battery creations :laughing: I’ve come quite some ways


Yep! Switched to matrix 2s after about a month.

The battery is still going strong! The only thing I have done is add more hot glue, add a battery gauge, and panel mount a xt-90.
I am currently building a 12s7p p42a pack for it. Not sure what I will do with the old 6 packs, they are still going strong. Sell them maybe?
I am going to frame the wiring that connects the packs together, it is a thing of beauty!

This is what the board currently looks like. Currently searching for a new deck and F5 bindings. MBS says they will have decks around October 14th.


That’s amazing man! Glad to see it’s still going. I am surprised you didn’t add more grip tape under where your feet are planted.

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Yah, and the flipsky 6.6 has been the most solid ESC I have owned!

I have been meaning to for the past year, but always forget. I haven’t fallen out yet though!


That’s awesome man! Yeah that one flipsky was the only one I owned that never failed me :joy: or actually I think it did fail me but @JohnnyMeduse fixed it real well

Edit: maybe I had one more flipsky that did ok…

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PMing about that VX1 remote