[US-NYC] Getting out of it…. Part Out

Hey Guys,

After healing up a bit I Finally decided to part the board out so parts and prices are as listed ( Prices are net to me after fees since I will be covering shipping. Shipping will be CONUS right now unless shipping if covered by buyer.

  • Hummie Deck with Big Ben Triple Stack enclosure ( Will include screws ) / ( Also have a double stack that I can include for $40 more if interested ** Sold deck with both enclosures @iamasalmon

  • Janux RKP Newest Motor mounts with Janux Press Fit Kegal 40T Pulleys also have the belt enclosures but 1 has a cut out due to motor shaft being to long. Decided not to use them. ** Price : $180

  • 2x 170KV FlipSky Motors with 10mm Shafts 15T Pulleys ** Sold to @Flasher

  • Custom 12s4p 30Q 90a BMS semi flex pack made by @BluPenguin has roughly 10-15 charge cycles ( comes with 2x 4a chargers. ** Price $300

  • FocBox Unity running fw5 ( Including FlipSky VX2 ) **Price SOLD to @ATC

  • Psychotiller Six Shooter Limited Edition ( Include 60t pulleys 12/15 pulleys ( will include Blue clones + ties for another $50 ) ** Price $125 or $175 with other set of wheels and tires

  • TB110 78A wheens in excellent condition. ** Price: Sold to @Bakack

Will include more photos when I get home from work. Please let me know if there are any questions. Will update listing when things are sold.

20200720_121002|375x500 !
20200720_121013|666x500 !
20200519_161813|666x500 !

20200519_161823|666x500 !
20200718_201352|375x500 !
20200718_210134|375x500 !


Is that 100 for both motors? If so, I’ll take dibz

Yessir, $100 for both. PM me

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Pm sent

I’ll pay $1 more than whatever @Flasher is offering

What are we bidding on?


Ha… You can fight that out.

Those golden flipsky motors. Last piece of my MTB puzzle

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You mean the ones from Pitbull/@Money?

edit: Nope, those were Evolve

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Wait… the blue ones are clone 6shooters? Who made them? How do they ride?

what happened here??

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I dont know what they are, They were sold to me as six shooters but they have pass-through holes and you need spaces to used pulleys and they are also a little bigger than six shooters.

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Nothing it is just foam tape, I was using as a pad when I was using it as a drop through.


oh. word. What’s with the SR trucks? not for sale?

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I am on the fence with selling them, Right now. They have the 10mm -> 8mm axels, 50mm, 80mm and just got in 100mm axels.


I say keep them so you’ll still have a way back :grin:

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I think after my accident my GF and family are definitely side eyeing me on getting back into building. Was thinking of keeping them for my push board but will prob list it.

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Are you selling the TB 110 78A’s

I would consider it. PM me if interested. Will update the sales thread regardless to add these.

dibs on the hummie and both(!) enclosures

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Hummie Deck with enclosures Sold to @iamasalmon

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