[US/NYC] End of summer clear-out

Old BioBoards Plutonium V1 Drive train (3d Servisas Fatboy)
Description: Pretty used, also had a weird issue with the motor(s) which I never figured out. Not sure if there’s actually a problem to be honest I just never looked into it. It’s loosely put together and the gasket isn’t fully in. Includes the hanger and wheels.
Price (USD): 300 + Shipping


Bioboard Plutonium V1 Internals + Deck
Description: This is the old 12s6p variant (40T) with an original 100D and Metr installed. The flexibms has drain issues which has caused the battery to go out of balance (0.15v on one of the 12s3p stacks). Could be re-balanced manually, I’m pretty sure the state of the cells themselves are still fine but ye just noting. Also yes there are holes in the deck don’t judge me.
Price (USD): 450 + Shipping


Exway X1 Pro Riot
Description: It’s old. I don’t know what the state of the battery is.
Price (USD): 100 + Shipping


SOLD| MBS Matrix IIs
Description: Only briefly used. Missing the little pads, no clue where those are.
Price (USD): 80 + Shipping for both


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I’ll take the matrix 2’s


This have a front hanger too?

I can add it if you want it. Add 50 bucks?


Do you have the swapable hub drivetrain that used to come with it ?

nah, that one is gone - it’s just the riot