[US] Metal matrix 2 trucks - in stock in the US?

Looking to purchase mbs metal matrix ii trucks from a US vendor / partner, but unable to find them in stock, any suggestions?


These guys are awesome and I think this is your only way of getting them ASAP unless you wanna wait till September-ish is what MBS says


Bro even got you on the shipping and conversions. What a homie.


You might also have to factor in the brokerage fee of whichever courier delivers it. This is the one that’s kinda off-putting when one orders from abroad. They don’t seem to have a set price structure.

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Thank you sir! I had ElectricBoardSolutions marked as my next step if I came up empty. I don’t have much experience ordering anything from outside the US, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I appreciate the info and recommendation!


I did find some in the uk that had the plastic baseplate for 74lbs. It was at some kiteboard shop