[US] Looking to sell the lot

So. I’ve got a bunch of parts i keep buying and realizing i didn’t do enough research yet. But I’ve bought a boosted and will be riding that through my summer and want to start fresh in the fall. I have 2 sets of motors. Both work but obviously i don’t solder and that left me with an extra pair as well as i didn’t have proper parts for the torqueboard motor so that sits in a box. Missing 1 pulley on the 5055 motor(diyeboard) but wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in buying it all as extras or spare parts or should i try parting it out? Looking to regain a bit of funds for the fall when i start over. Thoughts?

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I’d list it all out.
I had a hard time giving away my diyboard style mounts.


Are those 50x motors?

Yeah kind of figured. Just need to clear room and start fresh in my apartment haha

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Yeah 2 pairs. Then the 6380 torqueboard


Are both pairs the 270kv ones?

And how many teeth do those pulleys have?

How much for the two 6380?

Only one it looks like

Im out thanks…

Yeah unfortunately both are 270kv. The silver pulleys are 36, unsure of the other 2. The kegel is from evolve and the other is torqueboard abec. Believe it’s 36 as well.


Wait a minute, you are the one i sold those motors to? I forgot about that lol.

For anyone wondering, they are barely used propdrive 5060 270kv v2 motors with black vinyl on the can to cover the label

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That would be me sir! I have a bad habit of continuously buying things i don’t need. As you can see. That’s partial of my 4 months of buying.

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Tell me about it… im a disaster

At least you can resell. I can never get myself to sell even if I said I would

Are those the shitty diyeboard mounts and trucks?

Depends on how you look at it. My 2nd pair has lasted me a few months no issues. First ones. Not so much.

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Are those Janux motor mounts for Torqueboard 218mm trucks? If so, how much?

Now don’t get me wrong lol. My second set lasted longer than my first set. But thats the only way to describe them lol

But I degrees. What you looking to get for them?

What press wheel pulleys are those ? I maybe interested depending which ones they are

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How much for the MBS wheels? How much for cheap ESC?