[US] FS - AlexB's Garage Parts Cleanout (MakerX, MBS, Decks etc.)

[US / MA] Selling a bunch of parts I have kicking around my garage taking up space. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING within US. Can ship international but will cost extra.

MBS F5 Bindings

Description: Worn/torn a bit but still fully functional. Owned by esk8 legend (not me). Includes M6 hardware to mount on a Haero Bro deck.
Price (USD): $45

MakerX D100S ESC with custom top mount box

Description: MakerX D100S ESC running VESC fw v6.02. Great ESC, no problems at all with it. ESC Enclosure is printed in PETG-CF with aluminum bottom (and mounting brackets) and brass threaded hardware inserts. Outside dimensions are approx 160x130x50mm. Lid has small notch for Davega/Megan wire to exit out the front (I can print you a new one without notch if you need). Has two PG13.5 cable glands on the rear as well as the D100S power switch mounted.
Price (USD): D100S is SOLD, ESC box available for $45

Haero Bro Deck, Tomiboi 41.5" Mountainboard Deck

Descriptions: Haero Bro Dawid Rzaca model deck in excellent condition. Stiff flex. Sheet of grip on top with minor wear, can easily remove if needed.

Tomiboi 41.5" Mountainboard deck. I used this deck for a couple years and it served me very well. Started life as a street cruiser and made its way over to mountainboard duty. Stiff flex. Carbon fiber bottom, frit top. Has holes drilled for bindings and has 4 holes drilled for a top box. Has inserts installed in bottom that fit any of the Tomiboi enclosures.
Prices (USD): Bro deck is SOLD, Tomiboi deck pending

Big Ben Haero Bro Enclosure

Description: Brand new single stack enclosure. Would love to sell this with the Haero Bro deck.
Price (USD): $95

MBoards Interstellar 2.0 Deck & Enclosure

Description: Brand new MBoards Interstellar 2.0 deck and enclosure (with heatsink installed and enclosure hardware included). This is a great feeling deck under foot. Enclosure can fit up to 14s4p I believe. Heatsink drilled for D100S (as far as I know). Logo on the deck is only grip tape so you can remove it.
Price (USD): $285

MBS Matrix II Trucks w/ Radium Adapters

Description: Used MBS Matrix II trucks, oil slick finish. Includes Radium adapters for Riptide hypertruck bushings. Shredlight mounts installed, can remove if you prefer. One hanger end had to be sanded a bit to mount Boardnamics M1-A1 clamps. Can include the clamps with the trucks if you need them.
Price (USD): $115

uSplit UART splitter

Description: Works great. No issues. Used it with the D100S.
Price (USD): $20


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D100S and Haero Bro are sold

Tomiboi deck is pending/sold